News 11/20/2014

Thursday, November 20, 2014


Why Japan’s Money Printing Madness Matters

David Stockman’s Contra Corner by David Stockman 11/20/2014

Congressional Subcommittee Chairman Sen. Sherrod Brown: Federal Reserve Officials ‘should lose their jobs’ if They Protected Banks

The Hill by Kevin Cirilli 11/20/2014

Bill Would Give US Senate Power to Approve the President of the Privately Owned New York Federal Reserve Bank

Pro Publica Jake Bernstein 11/20/2014 via Value Walk

The Closing of Central Bankings Economic Mind

Forbes by John Tamny 11/19/2014

New Scrutiny of Goldman Sachs Ties to the New York Federal Reserve Bank After Leak

New York Times by Jessica Silver-Greenberg, Ben Protess and Peter Eavis 11/19/2014

‘Audit the Fed’ to Make Comeback Next Year

Politico by MJ Lee

Republicans Looking to Turn up Heat on Federal Reserve in 2015

CNBC by Kate Gibson 11/18/2014

Central Banks are Not Innocent Bystanders

Mises Institute Peter St. Onge 11/17/2014

Federal Reserve to Host Meeting on Alternatives to Libor After International Interest Rate Rigging Conspiracy Exposed

Dow Jones Business News 11/17/2014 via Nasdaq

Price Rigging and Financial Corruption Builds a Global House of Cards

Market Oracle by Paul Craig Roberts 11/16/2014

AIG, Not Taxpayers, Could Pay if Greenberg Wins $25 Billion Bailout Suit

Insurance Journal Andrew Zajac 11/14/2014

Global Banks Entering Higher-Stake Phase of Currency Rigging Probes

Reuters by Aruna Viswanatha 11/13/2014

Bank of England Fires Chief FX Dealer Participating in Currency-Rigging Scandal

Zero Hedge 11/12/2014