News 11/21/2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Threat of currency probes stepping up pace in Asia

Financial TImes by Ben McLannahan in Tokyo and Jeremy Grant in Singapore 11/21/2013

Stocks remind Federal Reserve: You don’t control the long end

CNBC by Bob Pisani 11/20/2013

ECB Interest Rate Cuts Hit Savings Hard and Transfers Assets From the Poor to the Rich

Der Spiegel by Spiegel staff 11/20/2013

Bigger than Libor? Currency probe hangs over banks

CNNMoney by Virginia Harrison 11/20/2013

China central bank vows faster currency reform; IPO hopes tempered

Reuters UK by Aileen Wang and Kevin Yao 11/19/2013

U.S. Senate hearing about Virtual Currencies

C-span video 11/19/2013

12 questions about Bitcoin you were too embarrassed to ask

Washington Post by Timothy B. Lee 11/19/2013

Top Justice Department Official Chastises Nation’s Bankers

Associated Press 11/19/2013 via Columbia Daily Tribune

China’s government stopped QQ virtual currency, but what about Bitcoin

NextBigFututre by Brian Wang 11/19/2013

Beyond Silk Road: Potential Ricks, Threats, and Promises of Virtual Currencies

Mercatus Center by Jerry Brito 11/18/2013

The Problem is Policy Not a Secular Decline in the Real Interest Rate

Economics One by John B. Taylor 11/18/2013

The Bankruptcy of Modern Economics

Forbes by Steve Forbes 11/13/2013