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News 1/20/2014

Monday, January 20, 2014

This Year Marks 100 Years of the Wall Street Owned Federal Reserve System

Gardner News by Mark W. Hendrickson 1/20/2014

Why Economists are Clueless

Fox Business by Steve Tobak 1/20/2014

Federal Reserve Overreaches on Cities

Boston Herald 1/19/2014

Monetary Injections Don’t Heal Economy

TribLive by John Brown 1/18/2014

The Hows and Whys of Gold Price Manipulations

The Daily Bell by Paul Craig Roberts 1/18/2014

China Moves to Crush the West in the Gold Market

King World News 1/18/2014 h/t Gold Antitrust Action Committee

US Group to Run Libor After Interest Rate Rigging Shame

The Telegraph by Harry Wilson 1/17/2014

5 Cryptocurrencies That Could Rival Bitcoin

Daily Reckoning by Edward Schaefer 1/16/2014

JPMorgan’s Post-Madoff Reforms Will be Hidden From Public

CNBC by Scott Cohn 1/16/2014

Bitcoin Revolution

Reason by John Stossel 1/15/2014

Australian Trader Charged in US Over Interest Rate Rigging

The Sydney Morning Herald by Ben Protess 1/15/2014

What Stanley Fischer Did at the IMF

Bloomberg by Matthew C. Klein 1/14/2014

FBI Suspects Front Running of Fannie, Freddie in Swaps Market

Reuters by Richard Leong 1/14/2014