News 1/7/2014

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Ron Paul: Yellen Vote Shows Concerns About Economy

CNBC byJeff Morganteen 1/7/2014

Sen. Ted Cruz on Yellen: Printing Money is Dangerous, we Need to Audit the Federal Reserve

YourHoustonNews 1/7/2014

Top 3 Reasons This Market Will Collapse In 2014-2015

Wall Street Pit by Gareth Soloway 1/7/2014

Yellen’s Team at Federal Reserve Could be Fractious

Daily Ranger by Jim Puzzanghera and Don Lee 1/7/2014

Senator Chuck Grassley Has ‘deep concerns’ About New Federal Reserve Chair

Radio Iowa by Matt Kelley 1/7/2014 

Yellen’s Record-Low Senate Support Reflects Fed’s Politicization

Bloomberg by Joshua Zumbrun and Jeff Kearns 1/6/2014

Are Some Bubbles Too Big to Pop?

RealClear by Peter Schiff 1/6/2014

Inflation: The Economics of Addiction by Gary North 1/6/2014

U.S. Judge Orders RBS Unit in Japan to Pay $50 Million Over International Interest Rate Rigging Cartel Libor Fraud

Reuters 1/6/2014

2014 – Crisis in Dollar Will Trigger Inflation – Interview With John Williams of

USAWatchdog by Greg Hunter 1/5/2014

Radioactive Yellen

New York Sun 1/3/2014

“Wise and prudent was the conduct of those who refused to recharter the second Bank of the United States.  They profited by the error of their friends who refused to recharter the first one.  These latter made no preparations for the event – did nothing to increase the constitutional currency – and did not even act until the last moment.” Excerpted from Thirty Years View by Senator Thomas Hart Benton pg. 228, 1858