News 1/9/2013

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang Tells Auditors to Help Curb Graft

China Daily by An Baijie and Zhao Yinan 1/10/2014

Global Banking Giants Say Currency Probes Could Change Industry

Dow Jones Newswires by Dan Fitzpatrick and Katie Martin 1/9/2014 via

How the Federal Reserve’s Would – Be No. 2 Helped Wreck Russia

The American Conservative by James Carden 1/9/2014

New York Federal Reserve Bank: Currency Swaps With Foreign Central Banks Total $100 Million In Latest Week At An Interest Rate Of 0.59%

Reuters 1/9/2014 via MSN

Singapore Government: This is How We Intend to Tax Bitcoin

Coindesk by John Southurst 1/9/2014

Janet Yellen – The Nation’s New Chief Slumlord

OfTwoMinds by Charles Hugh Smith 1/9/2014 via Zero Hedge

‘Cataclysmic’: What You Probably Didn’t Know About Germany Getting Its Gold Back From The Federal Reserve

The Blaze by Erica Ritz 1/8/2014

Deutsche Bank Said Set to Weigh Punishing Top Staff Caught in International Interest-Rate Rigging Libor Scheme

Bloomberg News 1/8/2014 via

Banks Face New Probe Over Mortgage Bond Trades Post 2008: WSJ

Reuters 1/8/2014

Senate Roll Call Vote on Janet Yellen for Chair of The Federal Reserve

Campaign for Liberty by Matthew Hawes 1/6/2014

The Economic Hokum of ‘Secular Stagnation’

Hoover Institution by John Taylor 1/1/2014

President Andrew Jackson’s Anti-Bank Mandate

Rappahannock News by Don Audette 12/26/2013

Bitcoin: Questions, Answers, and Analysis of Legal Issues

Congressional Research Service 12/20/2013