News 10/11/2014

Saturday, October 11, 2014

After Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board Ben Bernanke’s Testimony AIG Case Could Emerge as Reprise of the Gold Cases

New York Sun by John V. Bennett 10/10/2014

Bitcoin Rises in the Death Throes of Empire

AntiWar by Hozomi Hayase 10/9/2014

Dow Jones? Call This the ‘Federal Reserve Industrial Average’

TheDailyBell 10/9/2013

Barclays to Pay $20 Million After Getting Caught in the International Interest Rate-Rigging Libor Conspiracy

Bloomberg by Bob Van Voris 10/9/2014

Swiss Vote on Central Bank Gold Could

Limit Manipulation

The New American by Alex Newman 10/8/2014

Tell Harry Reid we Need to “Audit the Fed”

Rare by Ron Paul 10/8/2014

Former President of the New York Federal Reserve Bank Tim Geitner Grilled Over AIG Bailout Decisions

USA Today by Paul Davidson 10/8/2014 via

Is There Capitalism After Cronyism?

The American Conservative by Charles Hugh Smith 10/7/2014

Bitcoin’s Value is That it’s Useful

TechCentral 10/7/2014

Bungle Bungle: Italy’s Failed Economic Turnaround

Der Spiegel by Hans-Jurgen Schlamp 10/6/2014

Jim Grant: We’re in an Era of “Central Bank Worship”

Sprott Global by Henry Bonner 10/5/2014 via Prison Planet

Shrinking Deficit? Ha! US Government Debt Jumps by $1.1 Trillion in Fiscal Year

Wolf Street by Wolf Richter 10/5/2014 h/t Campaign for Liberty

Five Big Reasons to Audit the Fed

Augusta Free Press by Rep. Randy Forbes 10/4/2014

Hayek: 40 Years After the Nobel

Mises by Per Bylund 10/3/2014

Renewing the Focus on Andrew Jackson

Business Wire 10/2/2014