News 10/25/2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014

IBM to Unveil Bitcoin Blockchain Internet of Things Proof-of-Concept at CES in 2015

cryptocoinsnews by Caleb Chen 10/25/2014

QE, Parrallel Universes and the Problem With Economic Growth

Franklin Templeton Investments by J. Brooks Ritchey 10/24/2014 via Value Walk

Eurozone Has no Answers to Economic Slowdown

Deutsche Welle by Bernd Riegert 10/24/2014

New York Federal Reserve Bank’s Conference Attempts to Switch the National Debate from its Culture to Wall Street’s Culture

Wall Street On Parade by Pam Martens and Russ Martens 10/23/2014 h/t Zero Hedge

The Central Bank Controlled Zombie System: How Capitalism Was Deformed And Went Off the Rails

Der Spiegel by Michael Sauga 10/23/2014

White House Fence Jumper Dominic Adesanya Claims he Tried to Speak to the President Because he was “targeted due to his race by the Rothschild family who owned the Federal Reserve Bank”

Washington Post by Lynh Bui, Keith L. Alexander and Justin Jouvenal 10/23/2014

Banking “cartel” Hit With 93.9 Million Euros in Fines For Rigging Libor Interest Rates, Interest Rate Derivatives, and Other Benchmarks and Prices

Treasury Insider by Lindsey Kennedy 10/22/2014

More Revelations of Market Manipulation

The Daily Bell 10/22/2014

Congressional Committee Leaders Seek Information on Operation Choke Point From the Federal Reserve System and the Comptroller of the Currency

Ripon Advance Reports 10/20/2014

Janet Yellen, the New Magoo?

Forbes by Ralph Benko 10/20/014

Libertarian Think Tank is Spoiling for a Fight With the Federal Reserve

Wall Street Journal by Ben Leubsdorf 10/20/2014

The Math Behind Bitcoin

CoinDesk by Eric Rykwalder 10/19/2014

Will Ron Paul Bill Finally Audit the Federal Reserve?

Top Secret Writers by Sally Painter 10/18/2014

Why Malpractice from the Federal Reserve Will Undermine Growth

Daily Reckoning by Steve Forbes 10/17/2014