News 10/27/13

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Rand Paul’s Goal in Holding up Janet Yellen’s Appointment

The American Thinker by Chriss Street 10/26/2013

Federal Reserve: Will enhance security procedures

CNBC by Eamon Javers 10/25/2013

For Bitcoin’s Biggest Believers, Digital Currency Is Better Than Gold

Wired by Cade Metz 10/25/2013

EU Apathy

Der Spiegel by Christopher Alessi 10/25/2013

Banks that Lobby More Likely to Get Emergency Loans from the Federal Reserve

American Banker via the Mercatus Center by Benjamin M. Blau 10/24/2013

Rabobank faces second-biggest fine in Libor scandal

Reuters U.K. by Sara Webb, Kirsten Ridley, Philipp Halstrick, and Katharina Bart 10/23/2013

Are You Ready to Audit the Federal Reserve

Campaign for Liberty by Tim Shoemaker 10/23/2013

Gold Standard Is ‘Obvious Way Forward,’ James Grant of Grant’s Interest Rate Observer Says

Bloomberg News via The Gold Standard Now 10/18/2013

China and European Central Bank sign $57bn currency swap deal

BBC 10/11/2013

Jim Bruce’s ‘Money For Nothing’ Reveals the Scary Doings of the Federal Reserve

Forbes 10/11/2013 by Jon Decker

Lawsuit claims New York Federal Reserve fired regulator who raised questions about Goldman Sachs

The Washington Post by Jake Bernstein 10/10/2013