News 10/4/2014

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Man Who Executed Federal Reserve’s QE1 Warns of Total Systemic Collapse

King World News by Eric King 10/3/2014

The Office of Inspector General of the Federal Reserve System Addresses Problems With Foreclosure Review Payments

Mortgage News Daily by Jann Swanson 10/3/2014

Lloyds Banking Group Fires 8 After Interest Rate-Fix Probe

Press Association 10/2/2014 via Daily Mail

Ex-UBS Trader Seeks Dismissal of U.S. Case Over International Interest Rate Rigging Libor Scheme

Reuters by Nate Raymond 10/2/2014

The Sane Case for Auditing the Federal Reserve

The Daily Beast by Nick Gillespie 10/2/2014

Russia Considers Capital Controls to Stop Flight of Money

Independent by Evgenia Pismennaya 10/1/2014

For One New Jersey Senate Candidate, the Issue is Gold

Associated Press by Geoff Mulvihill 9/30/2014

I Agree With Senator Reid: Let’s Audit the Federal Reserve

The Daily Caller by Rep. Paul Brown 9/30/2014

4 Court Cases Helping Shape the US Stance on Bitcoin

CoinDesk by Tanaya Macheel 9/28/2014

As the Fed’s Secrets are Revealed, Will the World Turn to Bitcoin

COINTELEGRAPH by Joel Dietz 9/28/2014

Hank Greenberg Challenges AIG Bailout

Dow Jones Business News by Leslie Scism 9/28/2014 via Nasdaq

Court Casts a New Light on AIG Bailout

The New York Times by Gretchen Morgenson 9/27/2014

Where it All Began: The Secret Recordings of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York Taken by Carmen Segarra

This American Life 9/26/2014



Peak Krugman

The New York Sun 12/7/2014

The Coming Wealth Transfer

PeakProsperity by Adam Taggart 12/6/2014