News 11/1/2014

Saturday, November 1, 2014

History Will Surely See QE as a Major Mistake

The Telegraph by Liam Halligan 11/1/2014

Irish People Have a Right to See the Scarlet Letter From the European Central Bank to Brian Lenihan

Irish Independent by Mandy Johnson 11/1/2014

The Reinvention of Alan Greenspan

Gold$eek by Michael J. Kosares 11/1/2014

Payment Expert Says Bitcoin Has More Potential as a New Payment System Than a Currency

Inside Bitcoins 11/1/2014

Central Bank Governor Chrystalla Georghadji Refuses to Resign After the President of Cyprus Nicos Anastasiades Launches Attack Against Her for Nepotism

Cyprus Mail by George Psyllides 11/1/2014

Good Riddance to QE — It was Just Plain Financial Fraud

David Stockman’s Contra Corner by David Stockman 10/31/2014

Senate Democrats Call for Hearings on New York Fed’s Secret Goldman Sachs Tapes

The Hill by Kevin Cirilli 10/31/2014

Japan’s Central Bank Shocks Markets With Unprecedented Easing

Reuters by Leika Kihara and Tetsushi Kajimoto 10/31/2014

Ex-UBS Trader Defense Could be Threat to U.S. Currency Manipulation Cases

Businessweek by Tom Schoenberg and David McLaughlin 10/31/2014

NJ Political Heavyweights Debate Gold Standard

Mises by Joseph Salerno 10/28/2014

Global Economy has Collapsed – Andy Hoffman

USAWatchdog by Greg Hunter 10/27/2014

Meet the New Class Warrior in Chief

The Daily Signal by Stephen Moore 10/25/2014