News 11/13/2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ideas Created The Federal Reserve…Ideas Can Get Rid of It

Economic Policy Journal by Chris Rossini 11/13/2013 via

5 ways fiat currency is fighting back against bitcoin

Coin Desk by Pete Rizzo 11/12/2013

Banks battle against Federal Reserve transparency

Washington Examiner by Timothy P. Carney 11/12/2013

China fuels Bitcoin surge to record high

CNNMoney by Ben Rooney 12/12/2013

The Illusion of Wealth: What QE Can and Cannot Do

Daily Reckoning by Dan Amoss 11/11/2013

Confessions of a Quantitative Easer

Wall Street Journal by Andrew Huszar 11/11/2013

Why central bankers’ composure is pure theatre

The Guardian

Don’t laugh – Bitcoin is making a serious point

The Telegraph by Liam Halligan 11/9/2013

As Bitcoin Touches $400 The Senate Starts Seeking Answers… As Does Federal Reserve

ZeroHedge 11/9/2013

World from Berlin: ‘A Last Warning Shot’ for Southern Europe

Der Spiegel 11/8/2013

Vast Majority Want to Audit the Federal Reserve, Poll Shows

The New American by Alex Newman 11/8/2013

Federal Reserve Anxiety Rises as QE Increases Risk of Loss With Costs

Bloomberg by Caroline Gage & Joshua Zumbrun 11/8/2013