News 11/6/2013

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

When will the people who called Bitcoin a bubble admit they were wrong?

Washington Post by Timothy B. Lee 11/5/2013

The Fed at 100

Cato Institute by Gerald P. O’Driscoll Jr. 11/4/2013

Probes into currency trading spread across globe

Financial Times by Daniel Schafer and Caroline Binham 11/1/2013 via Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee

Barclays Said to Suspend Chief FX Dealer Ashton Amid Probe

Bloomberg by Gavin Finch 11/1/2013

Scrooge McDucks

Pimco by William H. Gross November 2013

Welcome to the New Corporatism

The American Spectator by Samuel Gregg 11/1/2013

Inflation Is The Last Thing We Need

The Future of Freedom Foundation by Sheldon Richman 10/31/2013

Fannie Mae sues nine banks for rigging Libor

Reuters by Jonathan Stemple 10/31/2013

Rand Paul Tries to Pass His Dad’s ‘Audit the Fed’ Bill By Calling Out Harry Reid

The Atlantic Wire by Allie Jones 10/30/2013

End the Fed

Creators by John Stossel 10/30/2013

Economic Failure Causes Political Polarization

Hoover Institution by John B. Taylor 11/28/2013

China calls for dollar to be replaced as global reserve currency

Los Angeles Times by Jim Puzzanghera 10/14/2013