News 12/12/2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

China antitrust office beefs up price fixing squad

China Daily by Zhao Yinan 12/12/2013

GOP begins ‘rigorous’ review of the Federal Reserve

The Hill by Peter Schroeder 12/11/2013

Central banks will move goal posts to keep reckless money printing going forever

Market Watch by Matthew Lynn 12/11/2013

Duplicitous Federal Reserve Announces Volcker Rule Compliance Not Required Until July 2015

Midas Letter by Jamos West 12/11/2013

Bitcoin and Intrinsic Value: a Layman’s Response to Alan Greenspan

Coindesk by Matt Mihaly 12/11/2013

The Freedom Movement: History and Bright Future

The Ron Paul Channel 12/11/2013 via Lew Rockwell

Time To End America’s Century of Central Bank Mismanagement

The Daily Bell by Richard Ebeling 12/10/2013

Former Deutsche Bank managing director imprisoned for accepting bribes

Inside Counsel by Zach Warren 12/10/2013

International Interest Rate Rigging Cartel Power: Megabanks Gain Ground Despite Fines

Der Spiegel by Sven Boll, Martin Hesse, Christoph Pauly and Anne Seith 12/10/2013

Less central banks, more private sector

CNBC by Professor Moorad Choudry 12/10/2013

‘Seven percent solution’ backs Helicopter Ben Bernanke into a corner

New York Post by John Crudele 12/9/2013

New allegations describe chaotic workplace at the venal New York Federal Reserve Bank

Pro Publica by Jake Bernstein 9/12/2013 via Money Life