News 12/15/2014

Monday, December 15, 2014

James Grant Explains “The Forgotten Depression”

Mises Institue Joseph Calandro Jr. 12/15/2014

Is the Madness of the Elites Pushing the World to the Brink?

King World News by Robert Fitzwilson 12/15/2014

Taper Tantrum 2.0: Emerging Currencies are Crashing

ZeroHedge 12/15/2014

“BitDollar”: The United States and the Digital Future of Money

cryptocoins news Evander Smart 12/14/2014

What you Need to Know About ‘Project Maelstrom’

CoinReport by Andre Infante 12/13/2014

Microsoft Embraces Bitcoin Payments

TechPurge by Robbie Davidson 12/12/2014

Dow Drops 678 Points in Worst Week Since 2011 as Anxiety Grows on Oil’s Freefall

Bloomberg 12/12/2014 via newsmax

HSBC Dismisses London Forex Chief After Getting Caught Rigging the Foreign Exchange Market

Agence France-Presse 12/11/2014 via Business Recorder

The Same Revolt: Breathe, Occupy, Tea Party

Foundation for Economic Education by Jeffrey A. Tucker 12/11/2014

Big Banks Will Take Depositors Money in Next Crash

USAWatchdog by Greg Hunter 12/10/2014

Economist Magazine Explains Why Economics is Prestigious – But Gets it Wrong

The Daily Bell 12/9/2014

Conservative Activists Make Pitch for Federal Reserve Audience

MarketWatch by Trey Williams 12/9/2014

Peak Krugman

The New York Sun 12/7/2014

The Coming Wealth Transfer

PeakProsperity by Adam Taggart 12/6/2014