News 12/29/2014

Monday, December 29, 2014

Singapore to Organize the First Major Cryptocurrency Conference & Expo Next Month

ForexMinute by Deepak Tiwari 12/29/2014

Accenture Looks to the Future of Payments

Crowdfund Insider by JD Alois 12/29/2014

IMF Suspends Aid to Greece Until Snap Election is Completed

AP 12/29/2014 via DW

‘Unprecedented Pace’ of Short-Term Fund Withdrawals as Rates Rise

Barrons by Michael Aneiro 12/29/2014

Foreign Exchange Fixing Scandal Sees Bank Fines Soar to a Record

The Independent by James Moore 12/26/2014

6 Charts That Show Massive Bitcoin ATM Growth in 2014

CoinDesk by Joon Ian Wong 12/26/2014

The Real Fed Tug of War: the Yellen Doctrine vs. the Volcker Doctrine

Townhall by Ralph Benko 12/23/2014

British Chancellor to Make Currency, Oil, and Gold Price Rigging New Criminal Crimes From Next April

The Daily Mail by James Salmon 12/23/2014 via This is Money

A Case for a Monetary Rule: It’s Time to End the Federal Reserve’s Discretion

CATO Institute by James A. Dorn 12/22/2014

How the New York Federal Reserve Bank Bent the Rules for Citibank

Newsweek by Lynnley Browning 12/22/2014

Federal Reserve Chairwomen Yellen Will Fight to Continue the Fed Operating in Darkness

The Fiscal Times by Rob Garver 12/18/2014

Why the Federal Reserve Should Follow Rules

Real Clear Policy by Alexander Salter 12/18/2014 via Mercatus Center

The MSM Misleads Again: Housing Starts Didn’t ‘Weaken’ a Tad in Novemeber, They Plunged

David Stockman’s Contra Corner by Lee Adler 12/16/2014