News 12/3/2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Cheap Central Bank Money Contributes to Dangerous Bubbles

Der Spiegel by Martin Hesse and Anne Seith 12/3/2013

International interest-rate rigging banking cabal being exposed

Reuters by Foo Yun Chee 12/3/2013

Central banks’ report card

The Asset by Ben Bennett 12/2/2013

Revolutionary France’s Road to Hyperinflation

Ludwig von Mises Institute by Frank Hollenbeck 12/2/2013

Kenya slum embraces alternative currency

Al Jazeera America by Claire Gordan 12/2/2013

Black Friday set a record for Bitcoin commerce, Bitpay says

Washington Post by Timothy B. Lee 12/2/1013

Central Banking’s New Club Class

Project Syndicate by Katharina Pistor 12/2/2013

Investor Jim Rogers Wants to Abolish the Federal Reserve … Sign of the Times?

The Daily Bell 12/2/2013

The Same People Who Brought Us The Great Financial Crisis Have Created A Dangerous New Paradigm

Business Insider by John Mauldin 12/1/2013

Damning report against central banking governor in Cyprus

Cyprus Mail by George Psyllides 12/1/2013

Time for reform at the Federal Reserve?

Darien Times by James Rickards 11/27/2013

Charles Schwab: The Federal Reserve is manipulating the markets

The Washington Times by Terry Ponick 11/22/2013