News 12/5/2014

Friday, December 5, 2014

Draghi’s Authority Drains Away as Half ECB Board Joins Mutiny

The Telegraph by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard 12/5/2014

Three Former Icap Broker Plead Not Guilty to Libor Interest Rate Rigging Charges

Reuters 12/5/2014 via The Guardian

Only Yesterday — How the Federal Debt Went From $1 Trillion to $18 Trillion in 33 Years

David Stockman’s Contra Corner by David Stockman 12/5/2014

Sneak Peek at Gerald Celente’s Shocking Top Trends for 2015

King World News 12/5/2015

MasterCard Executives Argue Bitcoin Can’t be Trusted

CoinDesk by Stan Higgins 12/4/2014

Tokyo Lawmaker Making Japan an Oasis for Bitcoin Startups

Bloomberg 12/4/2014 via malay mail online

Bill Dudley President of Privately Owned Federal Reserve Bank of New York Goes From Fire Warden to Soothsayer

Wall Street on Parade by Pam Martens 12/2/2014

The Most Important Person in DC in 2015 Will be …

CNBC by Ben White 12/1/2014 via Yahoo Finance

‘Bitcoin is more than just money’

Washington Examiner by Joseph Lawler 12/1/2014

Leak at Federal Reserve Revealed Confidential Bond-Buying Details

ProPublica by Jake Bernstein 12/1/2014 via Value Walk

Gold Hits Three-Week Low as Swiss Reject Gold Proposal

The Street by Resource Investing News 12/1/2014

“Audit the Fed” is Back, but it will Take Renewed Pressure From Conservatives to Pass

United Liberty by Matthew Hurtt 11/21/2014

Hank Greenberg, AIG, CIC and the Backdoor Bailout of Wall Street

Institutional Investor by Richard Teitelbaum 11/21/2014 h/t The New York Sun