News 12/8/2013

Sunday, December 8, 2013

China to probe use of foreign currency in trade finance

Reuters by Paul Carsten 12/7/2013

Bankers told to give up bonuses after interest rate-rigging cartel exposed

South China Morning Post  12/7/2013

Bitcoin Crashes, Loses Half Of Its Value In Two Days

Zero Hedge 12/7/2013

The Federal Reserve System, Part 3

Toledo Free Press by Ben Treece 12/7/2013

The Reigning Paper Money System is at the Center of Growing Income Inequality

Ludwig von Mises Institute 12/7/2013

When is inequality harmful? When it’s caused by cronyism

The Washington Examiner by Timothy P. Carney 12/6/2013

Killing the U.S. Dollar: 100 Years and Counting

Daily Reckoning by Gregory Bresiger 12/6/2013

These 12 banks are the heart of monetary policy

CNBC by John Carney 12/6/2013

Weapons of Last Resort: ECB Considers Extreme Crisis Measures

Der Spiegel 12/5/2013

The Federal Reserve Should Raise Rates Immediately

Cato Institute by Mark A. Calabria 12/5/2013

Kentucky Police Chief’s Salary Paid in Bitcoin

Coin Desk 12/5/2013

Mobile banking in the pipeline

Myanmar Times by Aye Thidar Kyaw 12/1/2013