News 2/23/2014

Sunday, February 23, 2014

London Gold Fix May be Manipulating Half the Time, Research Concludes

Financial Times by Madison Marriage 2/24/2014 via Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee

Global Economy Collapses Despite 4th “Warmest” January on Record

Zero Hedge 2/23/2014

Wall Street Owned Federal Reserve Silent on Curbing Bank Bonuses

Trib Live by John Browne 2/22/2014

Deification of Yellen or Directed History

The Daily Bell by Anthony Wile 2/22/2014

China’s Gold Buying “Enormous” Right Now

King World News 2/21/2014

Regulators Say Euribor Reforms ‘must continue’ Following Interest Rate Rigging Scandal

blue & green tomorrow by Charlotte Malone 2/21/2014

Federal Reserve Knew About Libor Interest Rate Rigging in 2008 and Did Nothing

The Telegraph by Katherine Rushton 2/21/2014

Ron Paul Explains Why Janet Yellen is a Terrible Pick for Federal Reserve Chairmen

Go Banking Rates by Ron Paul 2/20/2014

The Truth Behind the International Interest Rate Rigging Libor Scandal and the Altering of the Financial Landscape

Forex Magnates 2/20/2014 by Jeff Patterson

A Critique of the Federal Reserve System

The Phoenix by Eric Yao 2/20/2014

Does Janet Yellen’s Big Debut Spell Bad News for America?

The Daily Caller by Hughey Newsome 2/20/2014

U.S. Dollar: Still King of Fiat Currencies

The Daily Reckoning by Chris Mayer 2/20/2014

Gold Standard – The Way to Liberty

Gold Silver Worlds by Wolfgang Schwetz Wolfgand 2/18/2014

h/t The Gold Standard Now

Former Barclays Traders Face Criminal Charges for Libor Manipulation

Inside Counsel by Zach Warren 2/18/2014