News 2/3/2014

Monday, February 3, 2014

Dow Down Big on Yellen’s First Day

McClatchy by Kevin G. Hall 2/3/2014

Sen. Carper: U.S. Should ‘lead way’ in Bitcoin Regulation

The Hill by Tim Devaney 2/3/2014

Why the Federal Reserve is Under Pressure to Continue Innovating

The Financial Times by Gillian Tett 2/2/2014 via GulfNews

AIG, Government Rescues, and Billion Dollar Copiers

Point of Law by Hester Peirce 2/1/2014

How Central Banks Cause Income Inequality

Ludwig von Mises Institute by Frank Hollenbeck 2/1/2014

Barclays Ordered to Hand Over More Bosses’ Emails in International Interest Rate Rigging Libor Conspiracy

Reuters 1/31/2014 via The Guardian

Desperate Bank of International Settlements and Federal Reserve Wage War on Gold as China Buys

King World News by Andrew Maguire 1/31/2014

Ben Bernanke Reached the Federal Reserve Under False Pretense, and Departs a Failure

Real Clear Markets by John Tamny 1/31/2014

The Unpredictable Price of Money

Daily Reckoning by Peter Coyne 1/30/2014 Will See Your Bitcoins Now

Washington Post by Brian Fung 1/30/2014

Bond Market Bubble in Search of a Pin – Interview With Doug Casey

USA Watchdog by Greg Hunter 1/29/2014

Legislators Urge Congress to Audit Federal Reserve

Rapid City Journal by Bob Mercer 1/29/2014

The Macro View: Meet Janet Yellen, Central Planner

Darien Times by James Rickards 1/28/2014