News 2/5/2014

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ben Bernanke’s Monetary Mess

Buenos Aires Herald by Steve H. Hanke 2/5/2014

Most ‘Medieval’

Pimco by William H. Gross February 2014

Bank of England Governor Mark Carney Must Avoid Another Unforced Error

The Financial Times by Chris Giles 2/5/2014

Triffin’s Dilemma: The Choices for a Reserve Currency Country

Triggers by Shane Obata-Marusic 2/5/2014 via Zero Hedge

Emerging Markets More Vulnerable Than Ever to Federal Reserve Tightening, Warns Central Bank Owned Bank of International Settlements

The Telegraph by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard 2/4/2014

George Washington: “This tribe of black gentry”

The Gold Standard Now by Ralph J. Benko 2/4/2014

Deutsche Bank Fires Three New York Forex Traders as Currency Investigation Picks up Speed

Reuters by Paritosh Bansal and Emily Flitter 2/4/2014

Foreign Exchange Allegations ‘as bad as Libor’, Says Regulator

BBC 2/4/2014

Alleged Silk Road Ringleader Ross Ulbricht Indicted on Drugs, Money Laundering

Coin Desk by Pete Rizzo 2/4/2014

Has a Central Bank Ever Admitted Making a Mistake?

Irish Times by Chris Johns 2/4/2014

The Abject Failure of Ben Bernanke

Macro Business by Doug Noland 2/4/2014

Help Audit the Fed Reach 218 Cosponsors!

Campaign for Liberty by Tim Shoemaker 2/3/2014

A Century of Central Banking: Was the Federal Reserve a Good Idea?

Cato Institute January/February 2014

Thomas Jefferson and Republicanism

C-Span with Donald Livingston 11/9/2013