News 2/7/2015

Saturday, February 7, 2015

ECB Risks Destroying the Euro

Irish Examiner by Brian Lucey 2/7/2015

Fed Elite Attack Ron and Rand Paul on Audit Idea

ValueWalk by Mark Melin 2/6/2015

Gold Bug Peter Boehringer Lifts Lid on Germany’s Missing Bullion

brisbanetimes by Vernon Silver 2/6/2015

The Fed’s Right Mind

The New York Sun 2/6/2015

Federal Reserve Fires Back at Rand Paul

The Hill by Kevin Cirilli 2/5/2015

Liberal Paternalistic Opposition to Rand Paul’s Audit the Fed

The Washington Times by Bruce Fein 2/5/2015

First Libor Interest Rate-Rigging Battle as Icap Rejects EU’s 15 Million Euro Fine

CITYA.M. by Tim Wallace 2/5/2015

The Showdown Intensifies: ECB Dons Brass Knuckles, Greece Claims Bankruptcy

David Stockman’s Contra Corner by Mike Shedlock 2/4/2015

Fiscal Hygiene: Oversight of Fed is Crucial

TheLedger 2/1/2015

Europe’s Creditors Play With ‘political fire’ in Pushing Greece to the Brink

The Telegraph by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard 1/31/2015

Fed Audit Would Strike What Yellen Most Wants to Protect

Washington Examiner by Joseph Lawler 1/31/2015

Bank of England’s Carney Said to Liken Benchmark-Rigging to Front Running

Bloomberg by Ambereen Choudhury, Elisa Martinuzzi and Michael j Moore

Big Banks Fail to Dismiss U.S. Currency Rigging Lawsuit

Reuters by Jonathan Stempel 2/28/2015