News 3/17/2013

Monday, March 17, 2014

The Ghost of the Financial Crisis Is Stalking Banks This Week

The Motley Fool by Eric Volkman 3/17/2013

Chinese Developer Bonds Sink in Secondary Trade Amid Collapse

Bloomberg by Tanya Angerer and Rachel Evans 3/16/2014

The Federal Reserve’s Interest Rate Dilemna

Washington Post by Ylan Q. Mui 3/17/2014 via St. Louis Post Dispatch

Inflation Does Not Produce Economic Growth

Ludwig von Mises Institute by Frank Shostak 3/17/2014

UBS Accused of HIBOR Interest Rate Rigging

International Business Times 3/16/2014 via

OKCoin Raises $10 Million to Become China’s ‘Largest Exchange’

CoinDesk by Marc van der Chijs 3/16/2014

Why the Federal Reserve Has No Ammo Left

USA TODAY by Kevin Flynn 3/16/2014 h/t Real Clear Markets

MtGox Class-Action Suits in US and Canada Allege Bitcoin Fraud, Drag in Japan’s Mizuho Bank

ars technica by Megan Geuss 3/15/2014

Rep. Paul Cook Becomes the 206th Cosponsor of Legislation to Audit the Federal Reserve System

Highland Community News 3/14/2014 link to page with the cosponsors to Audit the Fed here

U.S. Regulator Sues 16 Banks for Rigging Libor Interest Rate

Reuters by Nate Raymond and Aruna Viswanatha 3/14/2014

European Parliament Slams Trioka, Calls for a ‘European Monetary Fund’

EurActiv 3/14/2014

Ending the Federal Reserve System’s Overreach Into Credit Allocation

Testimony Before the Subcommittee on Monetary Policy and Trade House Committee on Financial Services by Lawrence White 3/12/2014 via

House Financial Service Committee Memorandum on Hearing “Federal Reserve Oversight: Examining the Central Bank’s Role in Credit Allocation”

House Committee on Financial Services 3/7/2014