News – 3/18/2011

Concern about Wall Street Influence at New York Federal Reserve

New York Times March 3, 2011


New York Federal Reserve Intervenes in Currency Markets

Associated Press


Easy Money Policies of the Federal Reserve and the Decapitalization of America

Cato Institute Jan./Feb. 2011


Fed in Uncharted Territory with QE2

American Enterprise Institute March 17, 2011


Fed Allows some Banks to begin paying dividends

Bloomberg March 18, 2011


Is QE3 Unavoidable?

CNBC March 18, 2011


What is after QE2?

U.S. News and World Report March 15, 2011


Bill Gross of PIMCO discusses life after QE

PIMCO Investment Outlook March 2011


China raises bank reserve requirement ratio March 18, 2011


Currency Turmoil in Japan

Asia Times Online March 18, 2011