News 3/30/2014

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Anatomy of a Central Bank Created Bubble

Gold$eek by Andrew Hoffman 3/30/2014

Elite Capture of Wealth Depends on Public Apathy

Sun Independent by Dr. Ralph Rohr 3/30/2014

Are Russia and China Joining Forces to Kill the U.S. Dollar

Wall Street Sector Selector 3/30/2014

Hope Rallies Can be Risky

The Hindu by Raghuvir Srinivasan 3/30/2014

High-Speed Traders Rip Investors Off, Michael Lewis Says

Bloomberg by Nick Baker and Sam Mamudi 3/30/2014

Federal Reserve’s ‘forward guidance’ a New and Unproven Tool

Journal Sentinel by Tom Saler 3/29/2014

Class-Action Anti-Trust Suit Against Gold Fixers Draws on Gold Anti-Trust Action Committe Consultant’s Work

Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee 3/29/2014

Kim Dotcom Launches Political Party, Proposes National Cryptocurrency

CoinDesk by Nermin Hajdarbegovic 3/28/2014

U.S. Judge Rules Banks Must Face Lawsuit Over Alleged Interest Rate Rigging

Reuters by Dena Aubin 3/28/2014

Wall Street Savior Helicopter Ben Bernanke to Dine With Crony Hedge Fund Managers, for a Hefty Fee

MainStreet by Eamon Murphy 3/28/2014

The Real Reason the U.S. Dollar Has Value

Daily Reckoning by Chris Mayer 3/28/2014

Fund Manager Blasts the Federal Reserve

The Daily Bell 3/27/2014

Was Citi the Federal Reserve’s Sacrificial Lamb?

CNBC by Drew Sandholm 3/27/2014