News 3/5/2013

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The gap between rich and poor will continue to grow until we give up on quantitative easing

The Telegraph 3/5/2013

The Greenspan Fed’s Biggest Mistake: The LTCM Rate Cuts

Macroeconomic Resilience 3/4/2013

US Corporate State: a review of David Stockman’s new book The Great Deformation

The Daily Bell 3/4/2013

Does Ben Bernanke Care Too Much About Jobs?

National Journal 3/2/2012

Is the dollar as good as gold?

Financial Times 3/1/2013

The Federal Reserve’s not so golden rule

The Washington Post 2/27/2013

Mexico’s audit office tells Bank of Mexico to verify gold held at Bank of England

Gold Anti-trust Action Committee 2/27/2013

House GOP puts squeeze on Bernanke

The Hill 2/27/2013

When The Fed Has To Print Money Just To Print Money

Zero Hedge 2/23/2013

The Euro Crisis Gnaws at Europe’s Underbelly

Spiegel Online 2/20/2013

Fed Policy is a Drag on the economy

Hoover Institution 1/28/2013


Tuesday, March 5, 2013