News 4/14/2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

Zimbabwe’s US Coins Deal With the Federal Reserve Collapses

Nehanda Radio by Paul Nyakazeya 4/14/2014

Inside the Federal Reserve – What Janet Yellen Won’t Tell You

Townhall by Hunter Lewis 4/14/2014

Gold Bears Bet Wrong Again as Fed Talk Favors Bulls

Bloomberg by Elizabeth Campbell 4/13/2014

Alarming Secrets US and Saudi Arabia are Hiding From the World

King World News by Robert Fitzwilson 4/13/2014

Glover, Booth, and Paine: Over 150 Years of Nullification

Tenth Amendment Center by Mike Maharrey 4/13/2014

Global Banking is Rigged: The Table is Tilted, Folks

Global Research by Ellen Brown 4/13/2014 via Axis of Logic

Barclays Settles Second Libor Interest-Rate Rigging UK Court Case

Reuters 4/11/2014

A Review of ‘Money’ by Felix Martin

New York Times by Heidi N. Moore 4/11/2014

The Federal Reserve Note: Currency Masquerading as Money

LewRockwell by Donald W. Miller, Jr. MD 4/11/2014 via


In Andrew Jackson We Trust

Asia Times Online by Noureddine Krichene 4/11/2014

Janet Yellen’s Low-flation Nonsense

National Review by Larry Kudlow 4/11/2014

Money as a Competitive Good

Bitcoin Magazine Tristan Winters 4/9/2014

Friedrich von Hayek on Jon Maynard Keyne’s Ignorance of Economics

Types of Mind – Encounter Sept. 1975 via Youtube