News 4/17/2014

Thursday, April 17, 2014

The IMF is Dead Wrong on Low Interest Rates

Ludwig von Mises Institute by Brendan Brown 4/17/2014 via The Epoch Times

The ECB vs. the Federal Reserve, Let the Currency Wars Intensify

Action Forex 4/17/2014

Congressional Budget Office: Wall Street Bailout TARP on Track to Cost American Taxpayers $27 Billion

Washington Examiner by Joseph Lawler 4/17/2014

Former Employee for the Venal New York Federal Reserve Bank Fired for Calling Out Collusion Between Goldman Sachs and the New York Fed Wants Information to Determine if Judge Impartial in Federal Lawsuit

The Wall Street Journal by Julie Steinberg 4/17/2014

Out of Ammo? The Eroding Power of Central Banks in Conducting Fiscal Policy and Credit Allocation

Der Spiegel by Michael Sauga and Anne Seith 4/16/2014 h/t Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee

UK Regulator Says Former ICAP Brokers Conspired With Trader to Rig Japanese Libor Interest Rate

Lawyer Herald 4/15/2014

Understanding (and Ignoring) the Dinosaur Media Bandwagon Against Gold

Market Oracle by James West 4/15/2014

The Banking Kleptocracy and its Fiat Currency

WND by Joshua Charles 4/15/2014

‘Emergency Hearing’ Could Lead to New Discoveries in Mt. Gox Case

Coin Desk by Pete Rizzo 4/15/2014

Cliches of Progressivism

FEE by Max Borders 4/15/2014

The Degeneration of Intellect: From Virgil to Keynes to Krugman

The Gold Standard Now by Ralph J. Benko 4/15/2014

Things That Make You Go Hmmm… Like Rigged Markets (All of Them!)

Zero Hedge 4/14/2014

New York Federal Reserve Contradicts its Former Vice President About Gold Contracts

Gold$eek by Chris Powell 4/14/2014