News 4/26/2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Deutsche Bank’s Record Fine for Interest Rate Manipulation Reveals its Rotten Heart

Forbes by Frances Coppola 4/25/2015

The Ugly Truth About What is Really Happening Around the World

King World News by Michael Pento 4/25/2015

Interest Rate-Rigging LIBOR Scandal Will Dog the Banking Sector for Years

The Sydney Morning Herald by Malcom Maiden 4/25/2015

Staying Track: The FOMC and Interest Rate Liftoff

Seeking Alpha by The Intercollegiate Finance Journal 4/23/2015

Barclays Data Officer Praises Blockchain Tech at SWIFT Forum

CoinDesk by Emily Spaven 4/23/2015

Verdict in AIG Case Could Echo in Congress Like a Chinese Gong

New York Sun by Seth Lipski 4/23/2015

The 99 Percent: Why are They Barely Treading Water?

The New American by Thomas R. Eddlem 4/23/2015

The Legal Odds are Shifting in the A.I.G. Case

The New York Times by Aaron M. Kessler 4/22/2015 via CNBC

Should the GAO Audit the Federal Reserve? A Cato-CMFA Forum

Cato by George Selgin 4/22/2015

Federal Reserve Fails to Comply With Lawmakers’ Request for Names in Leak Probe

Wall Street Journal by Pedro Nicolaci Da Costa 4/22/2015

Take a Look at What They Buried in the Obscure Report About the Federal Reserve’s Solvency

Sovereign Man by Simon Black 4/21/2015

GOP: Probe of Fed Leak ‘inadequate’

The Hill by Kevin Cirilli 4/21/2015

Federal Reserve Chief Yellen Warns Head of New York Federal Reserve Bank About His ‘cozy’ Relationships With Wall Street

New York Post by Kevin Dugan 4/20/2015