News 5/15/2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Regulators Impose $2.3 Million Dollar Fine on RP Martin Over International Interest Rate Rigging Libor Conspiracy

Lawyer Herald 5/15/2015

What the Elites are Secretly Doing Ahead of Coming Collapse

King World News by William Kaye 5/15/2014

Are Russia and China About to Announce the End of the US Dollar Era?

The Daily Bell by Jeffrey Berwick 5/15/2014

From Rothschild to Koch Industries: Meet the People Who “Fix” the Price of Gold

ZeroHedge 5/15/2014

Electronic Solution Poised to Replace Secretive London Silver Fix

Reuters by Clara Denina and Jan Harvey 5/15/2014 via Mineweb

Central Bankers: Punishing the Prudent. Rewarding the Irresponsible

American Thinker by James Longstreet 5/13/2014

Seeking Tough Justice in Probes of Financial Institutions, But Settling for Empty Promises

ProPublica by Jesse Eisinger 5/12/2014 via Tickle the Wire

The Obvious Reason the Federal Reserve’s Quantitative Easing Doesn’t Work

Washington’s Blog 5/12/2014

Rand Paul Threatens to Hold Federal Resreve Nominees for Audit the Fed Bill Vote

The Hill by Kevin Cirilli 5/12/2014

Timothy Geithner’s Ignorant Defense of Wall Street Bailout

Reason by Ira Stoll 5/12/2014

Are Currency Wars Up Next?

Investing by Patrick Montes DeOca 5/11/2014

Book Review: ‘Stress Test’ by Timothy F. Geithner

Wall Street Journal by James Freeman 5/11/2014

Audit the Federal Reserve Surpasses 218 Cosponsors in the House of Representatives

Campaign for Liberty by Megan Stiles 5/7/2014

Exclusive Book Preview: “Money”, By Steve Forbes and Elizabeth Ames

Forbes by Steve Forbes 5/7/2014