News 5/21/2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Venal New York Fed to Allow Criminal Credit Suisse to Remain a Primary Dealer

Dow Jones Business News by Andrew R. Johnson 5/21/2014 via Nasdaq

EU Commission Charges HSBC, JPMorgan, Credit Agricole With Interest Rate Rigging

Reuters by Foo Yun Chee 5/20/2014

William Jennings Bryan and the Founding of the Wall Street Owned Federal Reserve System

Free Banking by George Selgin 5/20/2014 h/t Gold Standard Now

I’m Afraid We’ll See Blood Spilled in America

King World News by Richard Russell 5/20/2014

ECB Plans Negative Rate on Bank Deposits

Der Spiegel by Chrisyian Reiermmann 5/19/2014

For Yellen’s Date With History, She Goes ‘Stag’

New York Post by John Crudele 5/19/2014

According to Central Bank Owned Bank For International Settlements Derivatives Market Continues to Rise

International Debt Observatory by Kanaga Raja 5/19/2014

The Belgian Connection

Fx Street by Peter Schiff 5/19/2014

How Fractional Reserves and Inflation Cause Economic Inequality

Ludwig von Mises Institute by Andreas Marquart 5/19/2014

‘Smoking Gun’ From the Federal Reserve’s Murder of the Middle Class

Zero Hedge 5/19/2014

Video: Mark Thornton Explains “The Consequences of Cheap Money”

Lew Rockwell by Ryan McMaken 5/16/2014

What the Federal Reserve’s Low Rate Policy Cost U.S. Savers: $750 Billion

Daily Finance by Rich Smith 5/16/2014

How Malinvestment Poisons the Entire Economy

Charles Hugh Smith 5/15/2014