News – 6/20/11

Monday, June 20, 2011

House Financial Services Subcmte Hearing on Federal Reserve Lending Disclosures

CSPAN 6/1/2011


One percent holds 39% of global wealth

Time 5/31/2011


The Haircut War: Tensions Worsen Between Berlin anf European Central Bank

Spiegel Online 5/30/2011,1518,765601,00.html


Is the Euro running out of time?

The Telegraph 5/29/2011


Second biggest weekly drop ever in Treasurys held in the Fed’s custodial account as foreigners dump

Zero Hedge 5/26/2011


Fed’s Balance Sheet Hits Another Record

Reuters 5/26/2011


Fed gave banks crisis gains on $80 billion secretive loans as low as 0.01%

Bloomberg 5/26/2011