News 6/28/2014

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Comex Managed Money Traders Covering Silver Shorts Big-Time

Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee by cpowell 6/28/2014

Barclays Shares Plummet as Bank Faces US Lawsuit

Agence France Presse 6/27/2014 via Arab News

How Hive’s New Web Wallet Attacks Bitcoin Adoption Roadblocks

Coin Desk by Daniel Cawrey 6/27/2014

Federal Reserve Could Trigger Next Crisis Just Like it Triggered the Last Crisis

CNBC by Katy Barnato 6/26/2014

Jeff Deist Explains How the Federal Reserve Distorts Everything

Mises Economics by Ryan McMaken 6/26/2014

The Concept of Inflation

Campaign for Liberty by Colin Combs 6/25/2014

The Shocking Secret the US Federal Reserve is Hiding From the World

King World News 6/25/2014

It’s a Trap?!?!

Miles Franklin by Bill Holler 6/23/2014

Janet Yellen, The Federal Reserve and a System of Lies

Live Trading News by Shayne Heffernan 6/23/2014

Bloomberg Shock: Financial Regulation Should Evolve Along With Central Banking Policy

The Daily Bell 6/23/2014

Why the Federal Reserve is Nothing to Celebrate

Ludwig Von Mises Institute by Benjamin M. Wiegold 6/23/2014

Chinese Bankers, Diplomat Say Canadian Yuan Hub Would Boost Trade

The Globe and Mail by Iain Marlow 6/22/2014

Federal Reserve Losing Credibility: Bull Market in Complacency Might Crack

The Street by Doug Kass 6/22/2014

Janet Yellen’s Federal Reserve Statement — a Translation

OpEdNews by Lila York 6/21/2014

Havenstein and the Federal Reserve

Asia Times Online by Noueddine Krichene 6/13/2014