News 6/7/2014

Saturday, June 7, 2014

90% Of Gazprom Clients Have “De-Dollarized”, Will Transact in Euro and Renminbi

Zero Hedge 6/7/2014

Let “Dollar” Collapse or Choose War. Elites Will Opt For War

Market Oracle by Michael Noonan 6/7/2014

Skyrocketing Chinese Late Payments & A Global Meltdown

King World News by Michael Pento 6/7/2014

The Wall Street Owned Federal Reserve Won’t Let Economy Heal

Ludwig von Mises Institute by Frank Shostak 6/6/2014

Spirit of Jack Kemp Rides Again

The Hill by Ralph Benko 6/5/2014

Pope Francis Sacks Entire Board of Vatican’s Financial Watchdog

The Independent by Michael Day 6/5/2014

This New International Interest Rate Rigging Libor ‘Scandal’ Will Cause a Terrifying Financial Crisis

Forbes by Jesse Colombo 6/3/2014

Merchants Want U.S. Supreme Court to Rule on Debit-Card Fees After Federal Reserve Attempts to Serve Them to Wall Street on a Silver Platter

Dispatch by Emily Stephenson 6/3/2014

Citi: Bitcoin a Threat to Debit and Credit Card Issuers

CoinDesk by Stan Higgins 6/2/2014

ECB to Lead Revamp of Global FX Codes of Conduct After International Currency Rigging Conspiracy is Exposed

Reuters by Patrick Graham and Marc Jones 6/2/2014

Federal Reserve Policy Rules: Made to Be Broken?

Wall Street Journal by Pedro Nicolaci Da Costa 6/2/2014

With Federal Reserve Funneling Trillions to Wall Street Questions Arise About That Money Being Put to Better Use in Real Economy

PBS by Chris Martenson 6/2/2014

The Federal Reserve’s Exit Strategy: After Taking Control of Credit Allocation and Fiscal Policy, A Delicate Balancing Act

CATO Institute by James A. Dorn 5/30/2014