News 7/20/2014

Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Federal Reserve Can’t Fix What Ails the Economy

Real Clear Markets by Gerald O’Driscoll 7/21/2014

The Politics of Money: Go Bold With Gold

The Weekly Standard by Judy Shelton 7/21/2014

Fed up With the Federal Reserve

Orange County Register by Adam B. Summers 7/18/2014

Will BRICS Bank be a New World Bank?

Deccan Chronicle 7/18/2014

The Federal Reserve in Danger

The New York Sun Editorial 7/17/2014

ZIPR: The Counterfactual Case Against Low Interest Rates

EconMatters 7/17/2014 via Value Walk

Bitcoin License Moves Step Closer With N.Y. Bank Draft

America’s Market by Imandaro 7/17/2014

Justice Gets Lost as the Feds Shake Down Banks

Market Watch by Howard Gold 7/17/2014

Did the Other Shoe Just Drop? Big Banks Hit With Monster $250 Billion Lawsuit in Housing Crisis

OpEdNews by Ellen Brown 7/17/2014

The US Export-Import Bank: A Debate Over Reauthorization

Mercatus Center by Veronique de Rugy and Andrea Castillo 7/16/2014

In the Papers: Lloyds Banking Next for International Interest Rate Rigging Libor Fine

Proactive Investors 7/16/2014

Banks to Overhaul Gold-Fix Amid Rigging Fears

Sky News by Mark Kleinman 7/16/2014

Industrial Policy is Still a Loser

Ludwig von Mises Institute by Steward Dompe and Adam C. Smith 7/16/2014

Why We’re Doomed: Interest and Debt

Of Two Mind by Charles Hugh Smith 7/14/2014

Managing Mammon

The Economist 7/12/2014