News 8/16/2013

Friday, August 16, 2013

Federal Reserve: A one-hundred-year-old failure

Campaign for Liberty by Norm Singleton 8/15/2013

When Inflation Doves Cry

Project Syndicate by Alan H. Meltzer 8/13/2013

Modern Money: In Bitcoin We Trust

Mobiledia by Cam Lincoln 8/12/2013

German regulator to tell Deutsche Bank to improve controls

Financial Times by Daniel Schafer 8/12/2013

So you think Europe’s debt crisis is finally over? Time to think again

The Telegraph by Jeremy Warner 8/12/2013

The Real Fed Sweepstakes

The Weekly Standard by Judy Shelton 8/12/2013

Merkel’s European Failure: Germany Doses on a Volcano

Der Spiegel by Jurgen Habermas 8/9/2013

Obama Ignores Pernicious Effects of Federal Reserve Policies

CATO Institute by James A. Dorn 8/8/2013

Bond Losses at Federal Reserve Top $192 Billion

Nasdaq by ETF guide 8/2/2013

Judge Says Bernanke Should Testify in Greenberg’s Suit Against Bailout

Reuters by Jonathan Stemple 7/29/2013

Big Government and Central Banks: The Real Criminals

Forbes by Steve Forbes 7/24/2013

The Demise of Money and Credit

The American Spectator by Lewis E. Lehrman May 2013