News 8/16/2014

Saturday, August 16, 2014

More Evidence That the Federal Reserve is Superfluous

Real Clear Markets by Wayne Brough 8/15/2014

Secular Stagnation is a Cover-Up

National Review by Larry Kudlow & Stephen Moore 8/15/2014

New ‘LBMA Silver Price’ – Still Not Transparent

GoldCore by Mark O’Byrne 8/15/2014 h/t Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee

Will Barclays Face $2 Billion More in Litigation Charges After Getting Caught in International Interest Rate Rigging Libor Conspiracy?

New York Times by Chad Bray 8/14/2014 via Economic Times

Federal Reserve’s Expansion of Repurchase Market is a Bad Idea

The Heritage Foundation by Norbert J. Michel, Ph.D. 8/14/2014

Banks Get Enforcement Letters in Currency Rigging Probe

Bloomberg by Jesse Hamilton, Dakin Campbell, Suzi Ring, and Gavin Finch 8/13/2014

War is the Great Destroyer of Currencies

CMI Gold & SIlver by Richard Russell 8/13/2014 via LewRockwell

In Search of Sound Money

Daily Reckoning by Ron Paul 8/12/2014

Practiced Obfuscation of Central Banking: Fischer Gives a Speech

The Daily Bell 8/12/2014

Stage Being Set for Implosion of the Global Financial System

King World News by Robert Fitzwilson 8/11/2014

De-Dollarization Accelerates – China/Russia Complete Currency Swap Agreement

Zero Hedge 8/9/2014

Printing Money Helps Bankers and Bureaucrats, Not Savers

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Charlie Smith 8/9/2014

The Federal Reserve’s Financial Repression Lured Investors Into Junk Yields: Now They Will Get Crushed

David Stockman’s Contra Corner by Wold Richter 8/8/2014

Money Creation: The Federal Reserve and Fractional Reserve Banking

Peak Prosperity by Adam Taggart 8/8/2014

Fight of the Century: Keynes vs. Hayek Round Two

EconStories 4/27/2011 via YouTube


Saturday, August 16, 2014