News 8/29/2014

Friday, August 29, 2014

Going for the Gold

The Weekly Standard by Andrew Ferguson 9/1/2014

Boeing, Delta Square Off in Export-Import Bank Reauthorization Fight

The Daily Caller by Peter Fricke 8/29/2014

Bitcoin Group Descends on Congress

The Hill by Julian Hattem 8/29/2014

BetcoinTech: Bitcoin is Perfect for Online Gambling

SBCNews by Andrew McCarron 8/29/2014

Negative Real Interest Rates are Just Income Redistribution Disguised as Monetary Policy

Forbes by Jeffrey Dorfman 8/28/2014

RBS Sued by Bankrupt U.K. Student Housing Firm Over Rigging Libor Interest Rate

Bloomberg by Kit Chellel 8/28/2014

South Korea’s Four Biggest Banks Face Investigation Over Interest Rate Collusion

The Financial Times 8/28/2014 via The Irish Times

I Blame The Central Banks

PeakProsperity by Chris Martenson 8/27/2014

Shock: Council on Foreign Relations Suggests That Central Banks Print Money and Hand it Out Directly to Consumers

The Daily Bell 8/27/2014

State Department Agrees to Try Looking for Gold Records Again

Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee 8/26/2014

U.S. Loses Bid to Dismiss Ex-AIG CEO’s $25 Billion Lawsuit Over Bailout

Reuters by Jonathan Stemple 8/26/2014

Federal Reserve is Getting Anxious About Interest Rate “Liftoff”

ValueWalk by Gary D. Halbert 8/26/2014

Why the Federal Reserve’s Outrageous Gift to Foreign Banks – Risk Free Arbitrage on IOER – is Just the Tip of the Icegerg

David Stockman’s Contra Corner by David Stockman 8/24/2014

Federal Reserve: We’ll Keep Suppressing Interest Rates

The New American by Thomas R. Eddlem 8/21/2014