News 8/3/2014

Sunday, August 3, 2014

In Depth With Ron Paul

C-Span 8/3/2014

Economic Consequences of the Great War

Forbes by Steve Forbes 8/2/2014

The American Economy: Turtle or Caged Eagle?

Economics One by John B. Taylor 8/2/2014

Bitcoin Price Factors – What Influences the Bitcoin Price?

cryptocoins news by Rick MacGillis 8/1/2014

Revealing Janet Yellen’s ‘Double Bluff’ Strategy

The Huffington Post by Peter Paskale 7/31/2014

Steady As-She-Goes Yellen Intends to Continue the ‘Wall Street Party’

The Daily Bell 7/31/2014

Markets Could Begin to Ignore Dovish Tones of Federal Reserve

CNBC by Patti Domm 7/30/2014

Real Value of Bitcoin

The Hill by Joseph Colangelo 7/30/2014

When Money Mischief Goes Global

The Washington Times by Richard Rahn 7/28/2014

Economy Will Crash, World War 3 Coming – Interview With Gerald Celente

USAWatchdog by Greg Hunter 7/28/2014

Bank Deals Leave Public Holding Bag

Poughkeepsie Journal – Editorial 7/28/2014

Currency Trading Falls Into Torpor

Dow Jones Business News 7/28/2014 via NASDAQ

Throw Crooked Bankers in Jail: Clamour Grows as Bank of England Chief Says Lloyds Traders ‘clearly broke the law’

Mail Online by James Salmon 7/28/2014

Traders’ Messages Shows International Interest Rate Rigging Libor Conspiracy

USA Today by Kevin McCoy 7/28/2014

Gold, Silver, and the Future of the Dollar

Ludwig von Mises Institute by Mark Thornton 7/26/2014