News 9/20/2014

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Break Federal Reserve Dominated Banking System Before it Breaks Us

Casper Star Tribune by Edith Cook 9/20/2014

Downward Pressures Persist as Bitcoin’s Price Declines to Near $400

CoinDesk by Pete Rizzo 9/19/2014

ECB’s Targeted Lending Spree Starts Out as Flop; Modern Monetary Insanity

David Stockman’s Contra Corner by Mike Shedlock 9/19/2014

Are the Federal Reserve’s Naysayers on the Wrong Side of History After Fed Moves Deeply Into Fiscal Policy and Credit Allocation?

The Washington Post by Ylan Q. Mui 9/19/2014

Assets & Liabilities – Why the US is Deeply Insolvent

PeakProsperity by Adam Taggart 9/19/2014

The Return of King Dollar

National Review Online by Larry Kudlow and Stephen Moore 9/19/2014

The End of Market Rate Interest

American Thinker by James Longstreet 9/19/2014

Eric Holder’s Shameful Legacy on Wall Street Fraud

TheFiscalTimes by David Dayen 9/19/2014

U.K. Prosecutors Said to Plan New Charges in the  International Interest Rate Rigging Libor Conspiracy This Year

Bloomberg by Suzi Ring 9/18/2014

House of Representatives Votes Overwhelming to Audit the Federal Reserve System

The New American by Warren Mass 9/18/2014 

Speaker of the House John Boehner: ‘Time to Audit the Fed’ by Matt Wolking 9/17/2014

Gold and Silver End Game Here

USAWatchdog by Greg Hunter 9/17/2014

Shocking Tactics at the Heart of Lloyds Scandal

This is Money by James Salmon 9/15/2014