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Friday, January 16, 2015

Swiss Currency Shocker ‘dwarfs’ End of Gold Standard

MINING by Frik Els 1/16/2015

Why Switzerland’s Currency is Going Historically Crazy

Washington Post by Matt O’Brien 1/15/2015

Profits of the Fed

The New York Sun 1/15/2015

Audit the Fed Cosponsor Count Continues to Climb

Campaign for Liberty by Tim Shoemaker 1/15/2015

Europe’s Imperial Court is a Threat to all Our Democracies

The Telegraph by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard 1/14/2015

Bitcoin Price Continues to Fall, Breaks $200 Mark

CoinDesk by Jon Southurst 1/14/2015

The Federal Reserve: Reality Trumps Rhetoric

Mises by Shawn Ritenour 1/14/2015

U.S. Insurer MetLife to Sue Regulators Over High-Risk Tag

Reuters by Douwe Miedema 1/13/2015

How Bitcoin’s Blockchain Could Power an Alternate Internet

Medium by Scott Rosenberg 1/13/2015

The Gold Standard for the 1%

Forbes by Keith Weiner 1/12/2015

Can Wonks Save Finance From Itself?

Bloomberg by Luigi Zingales 1/11/2015

Alarming Gold Market Manipulations Underway

Gold$eek 1/11/2015

New York Federal Reserve Bank Attacked Watchdog’s JPMorgan ‘Whale’ Probe

MoneyNews 1/9/2015

Princes of the Yen: Central Banks and the Transformation of the Economy