News 10/29/2013

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Rabobank Rate Riggers See Bigger Crooks Than Themselves

Bloomberg by Tom Schoenberg & Keri Geiger 10/29/2013

Rand Paul says he will place hold on Janet Yellen nomination

Politico by Kevin Cirilli 10/29/2013

The Adverse Effects of Monetary Stimulation

GoldMoney by Alasdair Macleod via Zero Hedge 10/29/2013

Hey, Have Some Inflation!

American Spectator by William Murchison 10/29/2013

Ron Paul Talks About Economic Collapse and Lack of Federal Reserve Transparency

Gold and Silver Blog 10/29/2013

Libya robbery: Sirte gunmen snatch $54m from bank van traveling to Libyan central bank

BBC 10/28/2013

This could be the largest Federal Reserve stimulus yet

CNN by Annalyn Kurtz 10/28/2013

Should Oman drop the rial’s peg to the dollar?

Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee by Saleh Al Shaibany 10/28/2013

The gloves are off: Senators ready to fight over Yellen, Watt appointments

HousingWire by Kerri Ann Panchuk 10/28/2013

European Central Bank Headquarters: Skyrocketing Costs for Skyscraper Project

Der Spiegel by Andreas Wassermann 10/28/2013

Forget about Yellen, let’s look at the Federal Reserve System

The Daily Caller by Glenn Jacobs 10/28/2013

Inflation Fixes Nothing

National Review by Kevin D. Williamson