News 11/8/2014

Saturday, November 8, 2014

The Future of Money

Forbes by Greg Satell 11/8/2014

Overhauled Benchmarks Raise Concerns Over Big Bank Dominance

Reuters 11/8/2014 via Times of Malta

American Financial Markets Have no Relationship to Reality

Foreign Policy Journal by Paul Craig Roberts and Dave Kranzler 11/7/2014

GOP Landslide Places Federal Reserve on Notice

Moneynews by Barry Elias 11/7/2014

Banks File Motion to Dismiss LIBOR Interest Rate Manipulation Claims

Zacks by Zacks Equity Research 11/7/2014

Day of Reckoning for Dark Markets as Hundreds of Domains Seized

CoinDesk by Stan Higgins 11/7/2014

The Poison Pen of European Central Bank Comes to Light in Dealings With Ireland

The Economist by Charlemagne 11/6/2014

Central Planners are in a State of Panic

Peak Prosperity by Chris Martenson 11/6/2014

Currency Wars Set for a Return as Central Banks Talk up Easing Efforts

Financial Post by John Shmuel 11/6/2014

Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s Concern for Inequality Ignores Fed’s Roles in Creating It

Caixin by James A. Dorn 11/5/2014

The Liberating Idea Behind Prague’s Bitcoin-Only Cafe

Washington Post by Tuan C. Nguyen 11/5/2014

JPMorgan’s Legal Bill Could Hit $6 Billion Amid Currency ‘rigging’ Probe

New York Post by Kevin Dugan 11/4/2014

Monetary Fallacy? Deep Divisions Emerge Over ECB Quantitative Easing Plans

Der Spiegel by Anne Seith 11/3/2014

HSBC Set to Follow Barclays and RBS in Setting Aside Cash to Cover Gigantic Fine for Rigging Foreign Currency Rates

This is Money by Alex Hawkes 11/2/2014