News 3/23/2014

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ben Bernanke Gets His Reward

Ludwig von Mises Institute by Christopher Westley 3/24/2014

European Banks Have Billions of Dollars Tied Up in Russia

Reuters 3/24/2014 via The Moscow Times

What China is Doing in the Gold Market Will Shock the World

King World News 3/23/2014

With Federal Reserve’s Discretionary Policy You Can’t Connect the Dots Looking Forward

Economics One by John B. Taylor 3/23/2014

Janet Yellen Following in Ben Bernanke’s Confusing Footsteps

New York Post by Jonathan Trugman 3/22/2014

Gold May Regain its Luster After Currency Manipulation by Major Western Central Banks

Triblive by John Brown 3/22/2014

Regulator Fines Trader Over Rigging Bonds

AFP 3/21/2014 via Yahoo News

Federal Reserve System: The Great Enabler

The Washington Times 3/21/2014

Wall Street Owned Federal Reserve Serves Up the Retail Industry to Wall Street With an Assist From the Judiciary

Bloomberg Businessweek by Andrew Zajac 3/21/2014

The ‘Driftwood’ Federal Reserve

New York Sun 3/21/2014

US Class Action Lawyer: Mt. Gox Bitcoin Wallet Discovery “Highly Suspect”

CoinDesk by Pete Rizzo 3/21/2014

The Federal Reserve at 100: It Isn’t Working

Campaign for Liberty by Michael Clayton 3/20/2014

Yellen Punt Prompts Panic

National Review Online by Tim Cavanaugh 3/19/2014