News 3/27/2020

Friday, March 27, 2020

“The Bond Bubble Pops”: This Is Why The Fed Bailed Out The Bond Market
ZeroHedge 3/27/2020

The Next Financial Crisis: A Collapse of The Mortgage System
Politico by Katy O’Donnel 3/27/2020

Helicopter Money for Wall Street
Wolf Street by Wolf Richter 3/26/2020

Bitcoin Fares Well Against Fiat Currencies, but It’s in a Class of Its Own
CoinTelegraph by Shiraz Jagati 3/26/2020

This Is Not a Financial Crisis, So Why Should We Bailout Wall Street (Again)?
ProMarket on March 25, 2020 by Matt Stoller

Unsanitized: Bailouts, A Tradition Unlike Any Other
The American Prospect by David Daven March 25, 2020

A Deep Dollar Crisis Is Looming And Coronavirus Pandemic Cannot Be Blamed For It
Money control by Tanvi Ratna 3/24/2020

The Federal Reserve Is Expanding Its Asset Purchases To Include Municipal Bonds
CNBC by Jeff Cox 3/20/2020

Banks Shut Down in Venezuela – P2P Bitcoin Trading Surges
BlockchainNews By Richard Kastelein  3/19/2020

The Federal Reserve Dictatorship Runs Amok Against Savers
CommonDreams by Ralph Nader 3/18/2020

Financial Crisis Fears: EU’s Eurozone ‘polluting’ World With ‘collateral risk’ Says Expert
ExpressUK by Ciaran McGrath 3/15/2020

A New Hurt in Italy From the Coronavirus: A Banking Crisis
The New York Times by Peter Goodman 3/18/2020

The Fed Has Pumped $9 Trillion into Wall Street Over the Past Six Months, But Mnuchin Says “This Isn’t Like the Financial Crisis”
Wall Street On Parade Pam Martens and Russ Martens: March 14, 2020

Interview with David Stockman – 1,000 Point Dow Intraday Swings Is A Warning The Fantasy Of The Last Few Decades Is Finally Coming To An End
King World News 3/7/2020